About WAVIA propagation material
Germplasm collection
The grapevines in the germplasm collection have been imported into WA under rigorous quarantine procedures. The vines held in this collection are often referred to as 'mother vines'. These vines are true to type, of known origin and high health.
The trueness to type is verified by recognised ampelographers, such as Jim Furkaliev from South Australia, and Laurent Mayoux from Montpellier in France. The distribution of material from any vines where the variety status is in doubt is withheld until further research, including DNA analysis, can provide positive identification.
Virus testing is a major part of the biosecurity of this collection with every vine tested every three years for grapevine leafroll associated viruses GLRaV-1 and GLRaV-3. No new infections of these viruses have been detected in this collection for the past five years (2010-2015).
The collection has been recognised nationally as one of the best in Australia because of good management, high quality and health status, continuous virus testing protocols and the extensive and expanding range of varieties that have been selected on their commercial potential by the industry. Material from the collection is the basis of the Alternative Variety Trials established in Manjimup and Wokalup. These evaluation trials have provided valuable information which has been extended to industry.
The germplasm collection was originally located at the Swan Research Station, then the Wokalup Research Station. In 2000 it was moved to its current location at the Manjimup Office managed by DPIRD.

Source blocks
Material for a source block is from the 'mother vines' held in the germplasm collection or first generation vines in the Alternative Variety Trial blocks. Source blocks have been established in all grape growing regions on commercial vineyards. Wine grape source blocks vary in size ranging from 6 to 300 vines.
Many source blocks have been established, with more to be planted each season.
Source blocks allow a greater volume of high quality planting material to be available for industry. Source block establishment is a high priority of WAVIA. Contact WAVIA if interested in setting up a source block of a particular variety or clone, especially if it is not currently available from a WAVIA source block.

Class A propagation material
Cuttings collected directly from the Germplasm Collection or from registered source blocks are referred to as Class A propagation material. Propagation material is processed (cut and graded) according to National Vine Accreditation Guidelines.
WAVIA only supplies Class A propagation material. Supplies of all other propagation material are to be obtained from commercial nurseries or other industry sources.

Purchasing WAVIA propagation material
There are now over 130 varieties and 180 clones of wine, table, multi-purpose and drying grapes and rootstock material available through WAVIA.
WAVIA propagation material may be purchased from the germplasm collection or from source blocks. Prices vary for the two types and there is also a minimum order requirement.
Some varieties and clones are only available from the germplasm collection and not the WAVIA source blocks.
​Orders for interstate can only be accepted from Victoria due to quarantine restrictions for the other states and territories. Orders for other states or territories will need to be placed via an accredited Victorian Grapevine Nursery. Additional fees and charges are applied to orders for Victoria.

WAVIA Constitution

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Vinifera Source Block Agreement

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