Photo : WA Grapevine Germplasm Collection vines, Manjimup, Western Australia
Welcome to the Western Australian Vine Improvement Association Inc. (WAVIA)

WAVIA is an industry-based not for profit organisation that works to facilitate the access, production and distribution of improved planting material to the viticulture industry of Western Australia. WAVIA was formed in 1993 and the association comprises volunteer industry representatives and collaborates with the Department of Primary Industry and Regional Development (DPIRD), Western Australia. WAVIA follows guidance on national policy issues raised by the National Vine Improvement body AVIA, www.avia.org.au 

Why vine improvement?
High vineyard establishment costs and therefore the life expectancy of a grapevine means it is crucial to use the best available planting material. Improved planting material increases the possibility of achieving desired yield and quality specifications and also assists with industry competitiveness.

Key activities of WAVIA
  • Imports and selects new varieties, clones and rootstocks required by industry.
  • Maintains protocols for the WA grapevine germplasm collection.
  • Establishes source blocks in regions.
  • Provides Class A propagation material for industry.

Imports selected varieties and clones
Importing new varieties and clones into WA is a high priority of WAVIA. Over recent years, WAVIA in collaboration with DPIRD, has successfully imported more than 50 varieties and clones of grapevine material. Some of this imported material is new to WA while other material was imported due to its improved health status. WAVIA also selects new varieties and clones from grapevines within WA. Contact a local WAVIA representative to discuss suggestions of new varieties and clones.

WAVIA Chairperson's Annual Report for 2018

Download the 2018 Annual Report here